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"Education and Society"

Research, Information and Analytical Magazine for
Researchers and Organizers of the Education System

The magazine was first published in 1999.

Certificate of Registration of Mass Media
Information PI № FS 7755367 on September 11, 2013

Founders Editorial Office
Profit Partnership «The Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences»
Profit Partnership «The editorial board of the «Education and Society»

Chief editor: I.Ya. Mosyakin
Scientific Consultant: A.A. Khokhlov
Assistant Chief Editor: L.V. Korostelyovа
Deputy Editor: O.I. Voroninа
Executive secretary: S.N. Kosaretsky
Proofreader: A.A. Gudkovа
Translation: E.Yu. Kosaretskaya

Since 2008 the edition is included into the List of VAK of leading reviewed and scientific magazines and editions in which scientific results of dissertations on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor and the candidate of science shall be published.

ISSN 2071-6710

Index 31180 in the Union Catalog "The Russian Press".

Since 2008, the publication is part of the Russian Science Citation Index (RISC). Materials of the journal are regularly placed on the platform of the Russian Science Citation Index (RISC). http://elibrary.ru/title_about.asp?id=7730

Two-year impact factor RISC - 0.171 (in 2014).
The five-year impact factor RISC - 0,167 (in 2014).

In the ranking of peer-reviewed journals (SCIENCE INDEX) at the end of 2014 on pedagogy magazine "Education and Society" takes 29th place, 20th place in Sociology

Categories magazine

  • Pedagogical sciences
  • Psychological science
  • Social sciences

Periodicity 6 issues per year




The Editorial Office and the Publisher:
Office 233, 65 Moskovskaya Street
Orel 302030 Russia
Phone: +7 906 664-26-66