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Rules of a direction, reviewing
and publications of scientific articles

Manuscripts of articles are accepted by e-mail (info@jeducation.ru) or go to edition in the form of post parcels post with the appendix of a disk with the text of article (the address: 302030, Orel, Moscow street, 65). The notice of authors on reception of materials is carried out by edition of magazine during 7 days.

Manuscripts of articles arriving for the publication in magazine « Education and Society », pass necessarily procedure of reviewing. Each manuscript is considered by deputy editor for conformity to the profile of magazine, to requirements to registration and send to the expert on reviewing. Reviewing is carried out by one of the members of the Editorial Board, having the closest specialization to a theme of the scientific article, and also edition may involve external reviewers (doctors and candidates of sciences).
Reviews of manuscripts of articles are stored in edition of magazine «Education and Society» not less than 5 years.

On the basis of opinion of the reviewer edition makes a decision on admission of the article to the publication, returning to completion or refusal in the publication.
If article is recommended for printing with completion, the author offers a 7-day period for the removal of comments. Then materials repeatedly pass the procedure of reviewing.
In case of decision-making on a deviation of the manuscript on the basis of the negative review, the message is sent by e-mail to the author.

In case of acceptance of the positive decision edition of magazine informs the author on the admission of a material to the publication with the instruction of release (number) of magazine.

Requirements to the articles represented for the publication in magazine «Education and Society»

The article provided by the editorial board should match the profile of the magazine. The statement of a material should be clear, without long introductions and recurrences, with an explanation of highly specialized terms. The volume of article should not exceed 16 pages.

Article should be typed in text editor Microsoft Office Word. A font - Times New Roman, the size of a font - 14, line spacing - one-and-a-half. Width of fields: left - 3 cm; right - 1.5 cm; top - 2 cm; bottom - 2 cm. Indentation - 1 cm. 
All materials should be presented in an electronic kind.

The external review of article should be applied to article by a person who holds a doctorate in accordance with the scientific direction in which the article was written. The review must be signed and stamped.
The first line shows the name of the article (in Russian and English), which is given in bold (centered). Title of the article should clearly reflect its contents. Title of the article should clearly reflect its contents. 

In the second line the initials and surname of the author (s) (in Russian and English) are specified, the author's information in which it is necessary to specify a surname, a name, middle name (completely), a scientific degree and a rank, a post, city and an educational institution a place of work, a home address, contact phones, e-mail. If there are a few authors of the article the information is given about each author. An educational institution / a place of work are given by the full name without any abbreviations.

In the third line the brief summary of article (10-12 lines) in Russian and English languages is resulted.

In the fourth line keywords of article are specified. Each keyword is separated from another by a comma. Keywords are resulted in Russian and English languages.
Reduction of words, except for standard, in article is not supposed. Abbreviations are included in the text only after their first mention with full decoding. The quantity of tables should correspond to volume of the represented information. The data presented in tables, should not duplicate data of graphs, schemes and text, and on the contrary. Tables should be evident, have the name, headings must exactly match the contents of the graph. In the article an obligatory reference should be on each table.  

Formulas should be typed in the editor of formulas Microsoft Equation and are inserted into the text on a format of the paragraph. Formulas should be numbered. If the formula is unique there is no necessity in its numbering. The quantity of figures (graphs, diagrams) should correspond to the volume of the represented information. Each figure should be precise, have numbering and name. 

References should be made out in accordance with GOST Р 7.0.5-2008.
The electronic version of a photo of the author should be enclosed to the article without a corner and defects, in format JPEG. The photo is represented a file separate of the text of article.  

Authors of the published materials bear the responsibility for selection and accuracy of the resulted facts, citations, economic-statistical data, own names, place names and other data.
The editorial staff reserves the right not to publish materials which maintenance mismatches subjects of magazine. Articles issued with essential technical deviations from stated requirements, and also articles of plagiarism character are not allowed for printing.

Articles are edited and do not come back. For questions regarding deviations of article, the edition of magazine gives the proved answer in written and oral forms.

Articles of post-graduate students are published free of charge.

The materials sent without observance of listed requirements are not considered by edition.


E-mail: info@jeducation.ru